MariaDB Subscriptions and Services

MariaDB Enterprise Subscription

  • For business-critical production, test and QA deployments
  • Certified MariaDB Server with guaranteed version support
  • MariaDB database proxy, MaxScale
  • LGPL MariaDB Connectors
  • Management, monitoring and recovery tools
  • Mission critical patching
  • Proactive notifications of security and bug alerts
  • KMS plugin
  • Limited Indemnification
  • Access to add-on services including Remote DBA and Service Credits
  • 24x7x365 support coverage
  • 30-minute emergency response time
  • Priced per server

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster Option

  • For business-critical deployments running in a distributed environment
  • Advanced database clustering and support for high-availability environments
  • Active multi-master topology 
  • True synchronous replication

MariaDB ColumnStore Subscription

  • Proactive 24x7x365 support for Certified MariaDB ColumnStore releases
  • 30-minute emergency response time
  • MariaDB database proxy, MaxScale
  • LGPL MariaDB Connectors
  • Mission-critical patching
  • Guaranteed version support
  • Management and monitoring tools
  • Limited indemnification
  • Installers

MariaDB Service Offerings



  • Established curriculum of courses available on-site and online
  • Online courses scheduled regularly with online self-service sign up
  • Private customized courses for use case specific needs
  • Customized training priced as base price (4 students) + additional price per student
  • Pricing starts at $2,400  

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Remote DBA

  • Expert Remote DBA team manages customer databases with continuous monitoring service
  • Remote access to servers is required (SSH/VPN)
  • Standard and Platinum offerings available
  • 24x7x365 support coverage
  • 30-minute emergency response time
  • Priced per server for up to 10 servers/year

Technical Account Manager​

  • Central point of contact for complex technical needs
  • Has deep knowledge of deployment, environment and business goals
  • Priced as yearly subscription


  • World-renowned MariaDB and MySQL experts bringing best practices from thousands of engagements
  • On-site or remote worldwide in multiple languages
  • Principal Consulting for access to the world’s best database experts
  • Priced per day

Migration Services

  • Professional support for planning and execution of migration from legacy databases to MariaDB
  • Priced per day

For more information about Subscriptions and Services contact us: mariadb[@] / +34 91 579 66 46


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