High Availability with MariaDB/MySQL

Recording of the webinar held on February 28, 2013 on high availability for MySQL/MariaDB databases family.


  • Common concepts
  • Asynchronous MySQL Replication
  • Replication with MySQL agents and failover
  • MySQL synchronous replication
  • Active / Passive Clusters with shared storage
  • Virtualized Environments
  • Geographical Replication for disaster recovery
  • Distributed cluster with MySQLCluster
  • Combined solutions
  • Companies references


DS Data Systems works in two HA solution lines: DRBD and Tungsten.




DRDB is a replication software that enables data mirroring between several machines. This enables the replication of a disk or a disk partition in two or more machines, using the network as the replication channel. In the event of failure of one of the machines, data are available from any of the nodes. It works in a RAID 1 fashion using disks in different machines.

A node manager must be added to this funtionality to divert traffic to the active node in case the primary node fails.



General information

Tungsten Enterprise is a high availability solution -enterprise grade- for data bases. Continuent provides leading replication and clustering solutions for MySQL, Postgres and Oracle. Tungsten from Continuent enables fast capacity management for growing companies, enabling them to escale their data bases without data igration of application updating. Tngsten works in cloud environment as in their private data centres.

Tungsten works over standar MySQL from 5.0. It is possible to build mixed cluesters made of MySQL, MySQL Community, MySQL Enterprise, Maria DB and Percona without any modification. It is no need to make updates nor migrations, and it can be achieved with no downtime.

Main features:

  • Tungsten can combine several DB servers (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL...) in clusters, and make them work as a single RDBMS, with high availability and escalability.
  • Tungsten enables affordable management of open RDBMS without data migration or application updating.
  • Cloud operation: it is possible to set it up in an Amazon EC2 instance with a single command.
  • Multi-master: data bases can be shared among several Amazon EC2 regions, with real time updates.
  • Desaster recovery: read-only sites can be configured and switch data to them with a single command.
  • Automatic switching: failed RDBMS can be replaced within seconds.
  • Automatic load balancing enables geographic distribution of replicas and optimization of resources.
  • Backup integration: data backup and restore is made using standard tools, as well as file system snapshots using NetApp.
  • Integration with Oracle enables Oracle to MySQL replica, or MySQL to Oracle.
  • Efficient administration: it checks cluster status, thus mantaining and restoring failed server with simple commands.

DS Data Systems provides Tungsten licences, valid through one or several years.

Tungsten Replicator is the free product release, that replaces and upgrades native MySQL replication.