ds data systems will deploy your Odoo Apps either in Cloud or On Premise.

Odoo is a free licence software, easy to install, customize and deploy.

Odoo can be deployed in your own language, (english, spanish, portuguese, french, italian,...), in the Amazon Web Services Instance, launched and customized by us.

We are proud to customize in hours a new company for you, includindg your country regulation.

Odoo in Cloud.
Prices en $ per month

1.- Odoo in Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 (1)

AWS EC2 Compute

AWS EBS Volumes


Amazon EBS Snapshots

Amazon Transfer Out

Subtotal Amazon Web Services AWS

2.- Odoo. ds data systems Services (2)


(1) 1 instance type Linux on m3.medium,( 1 vCPU, 3,7 GiB Memory, SSD 1x4). 10 Gb Storage in AWS Volumes, Snapshot Storage, 10 GB-month of Storage. This configuration might be modified according the features of each customer. Cost is not linked with the number of users.

(2) Deployment and maintenance of infrastructure, Odoo installation  in the language. Installing user legislation if available. Creating users to start working, 8x5 ds data systems support in regard of infrastructure and Odoo.

Should you want an Access to our Odoo instance in Amazon Web Services, send us an email to spsoftware[@]dsdata.es