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Success story of ds data systems with Dbvisit Standby product in ASP Alerce


In order to offer even better service to its customers, ASP Alerce was looking for a solution for Physical Replication Oracle Database Standard Edition. It would facilitate the creation and management of a standby database to its database of customers. .


LOCATION: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Zaragoza, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires

INDUSTRY: Software and Services for Transportation and Logistics Sector

COMPANY: Founded in 1984, Alerce has been fully engaged in the research and development of software in the prestigious setting of the transport and logistics sector since 1989 when the first solution is implemented TMS Alertran until today, more than 200 companies in Europe and South America trust and work with their products.

Alerce Informática Aplicada SA is currently the Head of a group of companies providing services to the logistics industry, contributing his experience of years and make available their products to improve processes, traceability, control and quality throughout the chain supply. .

With these objectives in 2006 created a company, ASP Alerce, designed to offer services in SaaS (Software as a Service) and serving its product portfolio rent becoming premier technology partners.


  • Get their data center one standby database for disaster recovery and instant protection through failover
  • Risk-free environment where you can do research and resolution of bugs or inconsistencies in the database
  • Batch processes environment to capture a fixed point snaphots transaction for rollback purposes in the case of an error
  • Having a BB DD for read-only reporting, to run processes without impacting primary server and BB DD
  • Expedite restoration of BB DD from tape

ASP Alerce sought a solution that would achieve the above objectives, while preserving existing investments in hardware and software, within a very short project times and costs very tight.

The chosen solution was Dbvisit Standby through ds data systems, partner for Spain, Portugal and Latin America. .

The customer made ​​a proof of concept to ensure that the product Dbvisit Standby met their expectations and that the support offered by Dbvisit and partner ds data systems could solve the problems that might arise in the implementation process and once the product was in production.

The configuration purchased by the customer for their Data Center of Miami is: :

4 CPU CORES on the source
4 CPU CORES on the target
Operating System RHEL 6.5 x86_64 Database Oracle Standard Edition at origin and destination

Also are included Dbvisit support 3 years.

Looking ahead as the environment grows more BB DD will be added. Alerce will include in its solutions, Dbvisit Replicate as product for Logical Replication.

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