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MONyog MySQL Monitor and Advisor is a "MySQL DBA in a box'' that helps MySQL DBAs manage more MySQL servers, tune their current MySQL servers and find and fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become serious problems or costly outages.

MONyog pro-actively monitors enterprise database environments and provides expert advice on how even those new to MySQL can tighten security, optimize performance and reduce downtime of their MySQL powered systems.

As a MONyog user you will know in advance if server resources will soon be running short. You can plan a hardware replacement or upgrade in comfortable time and not when it is almost too late. And the metrics about the server that MONyog gives you will help to decide what to upgrade: Faster CPU, More RAM, Faster disc systems.

MONyog provides a log analysis module, a 'query sniffer' and a 'processlist watcher' that makes it easy to identify the statements and applications that run slow on the server.

MONyog provides a whole bunch of tools for finding problem SQL (Slow Query Log, SHOW PROCESSLIST snapshots, MySQL Proxy, etc). These tools are great if you want to find problem SQL in an application and tune those queries. MONyog gives you exactly that. MONyog can continuosly monitor queries in real-time and send notifications for queries that take more than a specified amount of time to execute. You can also specify an option to kill such queries.

MONyog can send you alerts over mail or SNMP.

Monitoring the MySQL error log is absolutely critical for any MySQL DBA. MONyog is the first MySQL Monitoring Tool to monitor the MySQL Error logs and can optionally notify you of changes to it.

Other than these handy tools MONyog comes with a bunch of other easy to use convenient tools like-

  • Deadlock monitoring
  • Replication monitoring
  • Wayback machine
  • Custom SQL monitoring
  • Track server configuration
  • Information on disk usage

Connects and monitors MySQL on any platform

MONyog is a monitoring and advisory tool for the MySQL database server. MONyog installs as a service/daemon and queries the MySQL servers that it is configured to connect to. The queries that it sends are not queries about data stored on the server, but queries about the server itself (its configuration, the memory space, what the server itself has recorded about its own 'history' etc.). MONyog retrieves that information, organizes it, calculates on it and displays resulting 'metrics' about the server performance.

MONyog will connect to MySQL servers running on any platform - no matter if these servers are official MySQL binaries, builds distributed with an Operating system (like a Linux distribution) or if the server has been compiled on the computer where it runs. This is possible because MONyog has been compiled with the MySQL C-API. It communicates with the server using the MySQL client/server protocol directly. Not only will this ensure that connection is always possible, it is also the most efficient way of communicating between a MySQL server and client.

As MONyog connects remotely to a MySQL server, there is no dependency on the platform on which MySQL is installed. MONyog can be installed in a Windows or Linux machine (32 bit compatibility) and can connect to the target MySQL remotely to get statistics.

How MONyog helps the DBA?

MONyog is designed to help companies scale their existing MySQL DBA resources by providing a single, consolidated view of health, security, performance and availability of all of their MySQL servers. It pro-actively monitors all MySQL servers using a set of predefined expert advisors, to identify and alert DBAs of problems, security vulnerabilities and tuning opportunities so they can be acted upon well in advance of a problem or outage occurring.

The unique architecture and low-footprint of MONyog enables DBAs to install and configure all components required for monitoring MySQL servers in less than 1 minute.

One of the biggest challenges the MySQL DBA faces is managing an ever-growing number of MySQL servers and databases. Regardless of the size of the MySQL environment, each server requires specific attention when it comes to basic administration, security, performance monitoring and availability. To give the MySQL DBA a proactive advantage in all of these areas, MONyog provides the dashboard. Using the dashboard, DBAs can monitor MySQL and OS specific metrics for single or groups of servers. The dashboard is designed so DBAs can easily understand the complete security, availability, and performance picture of all their MySQL servers in one place, all from a slick AJAX interface.

Unlike other monitoring tools that use annoying page-refreshes for real time graphing, MONyog uses Flash graphs to make sure that you get ''true'' real time graphs.

Query Analyzer feature of MONyog helps you identify problem SQL without being forced to configure your applications to connect through MySQL Proxy. While MONyog’s Query Analyzer has complete support for MySQL Proxy, MONyog can find problem SQL by parsing the Slow Query Log and/or by taking a snapshot of SHOW PROCESSLIST at regular intervals.

MONyog supplies right out of the box, hundreds of advisors that are designed to automatically examine MySQL server’s configuration, security, and performance levels. It identifies the problems and helps tune the opportunities which also provide the MySQL DBA with specific corrective actions.

For all of the Advisors, Advisor Rule violations will trigger notification events, details of which can be sent to you via email. MONyog also provides expert advice on the specific problem that has been reported.

Download MONyog MySQL Monitor and Advisor

MONyog Ultimate is included in the Platinum and Unlimited MariaDB support subscriptions