Services portfolio

DS Data Systems provides these services:

  • Open database area:

  1. Support contracts for MySQL & MariaDB
  2. Consulting and engineering for high availability solutions (MHA, DRBD, Tungsten, NDB)
  3. Replication & DR


  • Source code management:

  1. Integration of Perforce and other components
  2. On-site or SaaS of A41 solution for Agile development environment & Continuous Delivery
  3. Migration to Perforce from other SCMs
  4. Depot reorganization


  • Oracle database:

  1. Replication solutions for DR and HA
  2. Replication from SPARC to x86 (i.e. AWS)
  3. Integration with Amazon Web Services


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support:

  1.      Perforce
  2.      SkySQL


  • Training, both on-site or in our facilities:

  1. User and administration degrees in Perforce
  2. High availability and advanced administration degrees in SkySQL


  • ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, Human Resource, other Apps targeted to companies management:

  1. Implementatión either in Cloud or on Premise
  2. You can deploy the products in one of our Cloud instances,  customized with  your language and your Legal Regulations


  • The customer can subcontract our specialized technicians for works of:

  1. Systems and infrastructure Administration
  2. Application development, Tests and quality control