MariaDB Server

MariaDB Server is an enterprise-grade database, extensible and secure at every layer

Existing at the heart of IT infrastructure, a database needs to provide a strong, agile and secure foundation for every type of application. New ways of doing business, from digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile, require responsiveness, database security and performance that break the boundaries of slow-moving legacy systems. MariaDB Server is building a bridge between the old and the new. Its modern and extensible architecture provides the foundation for businesses to continuously innovate with new applications and modernize legacy systems.

Combining familiar SQL interfaces with open extensibility, MariaDB supports innovation by combining a secure database with a stable and configurable data tier to cover a breadth of use cases.

"MariaDB was chosen over Oracle because of its high quality, modern services and secure data management features."

Ken Tanaka, MicroCAD

Extensible Architecture

  • Support a wide variety of use cases with a single deployment - Transactional, Analytical, In-memory, Spatial and NoSQL use cases
  • Customize the storage engine for specific use cases. Choices include: InnoDB, ColumnStore, Aria, MyRocks, CONNECT Engines and more
  • Leverage innovations from an open community
  • Easily extend MariaDB with new functionality based on unique use cases


Enterprise-Grade Database SecurityEnterprise-Grade Database Security

Security is a top requirement for any enterprise deployment. 

Whether data is in motion or at rest, MariaDB Server provides encryption and authentication at all layers – network, server and application – in order to protect data.

MariaDB Secure Database:

  • Protects from network-level security attacks with data-in-motion encryption via TLS/SSL support in MariaDB Connectors
  • Secures data at rest using native encryption and optional external key management providers like Amazon and eperi
  • Protects against security, regulatory and operational risk with the Audit Plugin


High Availability with Distributed EnvironmentHigh Availability with Distributed Environment

Ensure mission-critical applications have 100% uptime, all the time.

MariaDB Server’s cluster technology, powered by Galera, delivers a synchronous multi-master cluster and provides high availability for distributed environments.

MariaDB High Availability:

  • Includes full integration of Galera, a multi-master cluster technology
  • Provides synchronous and semi-synchronous replication for high availability
  • Protects against failures with automatic membership control and node joining


Flexible ScalabilityFlexible Scalability

Easily scale applications to support web-scale requirements.

MariaDB Server provides multiple ways to meet peak demand requirements and to manage large-scale environments. From MaxScale, to Galera Cluster, MariaDB technology simplifies managing data and applications at scale.

MariaDB Scalability:

  • Makes it easy to add and remove nodes from a cluster to scale read and write transaction throughput
  • Simplifies partitioning and sharding of massive data sets with pluggable storage engines
  • Leverages MariaDB’s award-winning MaxScale to manage security, scaling and load distribution


Optimized Performance in All LevelsOptimized Performance in All Levels

Optimized performance for every layer in the database. For many applications, performance is the most important requirement. MariaDB goes beyond just horizontal scaling with performance optimizations at every layer in the database

  • Choose from an arsenal of storage engines optimized for specialized use cases
  • Self-governing adaptive thread pools dynamically optimize based on load
  • Intelligent optimizer increases query performance and complex query processing
  • Strong collaboration with hardware vendors to optimize CPUs, Cores and RAM

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