Perforce version control

dS Data Systems is the representative of Perforce in Spain and Portugal.

The agreement positions our company as a major player in the market SCM (Software Configuration Management)

Perforce is a version control system: high-end, running in client / server platform, with advanced and intuitive graphical interface, fast and intuitive. The possibility of distributed operation ensures high escalabidad, adapting to intercontinental business developments.



Allows full control on all project assets, and may include:

  • source
  • imagery
  • manuals
  • proposals
  • deals
  • graphics
  • ...

Perforce ensures development integrity by grouping multi-file updates into atomic units. It allows concurrent development of a great team and allows the generation of versions through its system of inter-ficheroTM ramifications.

Its features include:

  • Quick - key to agility and develop continuously
  • Ease of use - with its powerful multi-platform GUI: Windows - Mac - Linux - Unix
  • Scalable - effective from two to thousands of users
  • Very low management overhead - ease of installation and maintenance
  • Collaboration - accessible by geographically distributed teams
  • Rugged - standalone operation possible
  • Multitude of platforms - for the server